I am
a writer and bioenergetics counsellor

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I graduated in law at the University of bologna, and then specialized in biosystemic counseling and in teaching the bioenergetic practice in Milan, at the IPSO Institute of Somatorelational Psychology. My teachers were Jerome Liss and Maurizio Stupiggia (biosystemics), Luciano Marchino (bioenergetics), and Paola Ortolani (organismics).

I have taught Italian for some time in secondary schools, and I still hold writing meetings associated with bioenergetic practices and techniques.

I have always been interested in the paranormal and in parapsychology, I attended the Centre for Parapsychological Studies in Bologna (CSPI) for years, participating in some research. Piero Cassoli, psychiatrist and “fighter”, is a unique figure.

I have published novels and collections of short stories with noir features with various publishers, from Ugo Mursia to Oligo. I cro-wrote with Giorgio Celli the noir novel “Morte nei Boschi”.

I collaborated in the writing of the theatrical play “Con le scarpe sempre ai piedi” staged in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, at the World Youth Day. With the artist Octavia Monaco, on the other hand, I created the project “Tessiture” by setting up an exhibition at the Mont Blanc House in Paris using my and her images: Les Bois qui Rêvent – The Dreamy Woods.



Sono Costanza Savini S, mi occupo di Scrittura & Bioenergetica.

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