I Malsalè De Pésena



I Malsalè de Pésena, taken from a short story by Costanza Savini (published in 2005 by Baldofestival Publisher) was staged under the direction of Rino Condercuri (Teamus Theater Academy), the first time in 2005 in Pesina (villa Abrile), in 2008 at villa Nichesola (Platano) and in 2013 at Forte di Rivoli V.se. A show inspired by a news story of 1162 in which it was said that the emperor Frederick Barbarossa, angryat the inhabitants of Pesina (a fraction of the municipality of Caprino Veronese) because they had done him wrong, he had the whole territory sprinkled with salt iso that nothing would grow there; however, having an urgent need to finish quickly because he was called by more important battles, he hardly salted the ground; hence the name “mal salè” to indicate the inhabitants of Pesina, because it means “badly salted”: this episode would have been the origin of a kind of curse that would cause many “strange” episodes to occur in the town over the centuries to come.

Author: Costanza Savini
Showing venue: Baldo Festival, Accademia Teamus, Rivoli Veronese – Verona
Directed by: Rino Condercuri
Category: Theatre

Costanza Savini


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