La Castellana di Rivoli



The plot is taken from a legend of the places that inspired Osvaldo Perini to write the book “Battles, loves, mysteries in the castle of Rivoli”, on this original work Costanza Savini wrote a screenplay.

It was the year 1162 and many lands of Northern Italy had been conquered by the Germanic emperor Frederick of Hohenstaufen, known as Barbarossa, who arrived in Italy through the Brenner valley. His dream was to also occupy the lands of central and southern Italy, and to conquer Milan, Verona and the neighbouring towns: Pesina, Costermano, Garda with its Rocca turning its gaze to the blue eye of the lake, and then Affi, Caprino, Rivoli with its mighty castle and many other towns. This was a dream that the Germanic emperor had already tried to accomplish, when, fifteen years earlier, he had descended to Italy to conquer cities and towns, without succeeding, and so he had sprinkled Pesina and Milan’s ground with salt, after having pillaged them, so that on those lands every human trace would be erased forever. Yet, contrary to all predictions, life soon flourished again on those tormented lands. And so fifteen years after these events, the Emperor was now attempting to conquer it again.

Author: Osvaldo Perini
Costanza Savini,
Showing venue:Baldo Festival, Accademia Teamus, Rivoli Veronese – Verona
Directed by: Rino Condercuri, Annacarla Brunelli
Print year:
Category: Theatre

Costanza Savini


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