L’occhio della farfalla

occhio della farfalla


Accurate and passionate novel that evolves and draws inspiration from the plot of the previous novel “Il lago in soffitta” (Mursia 2007), historical and geographical book. The novel is set during the Second World War in the period from 1943 to 1945, the years of the Social Republic, and right on the shores of Lake Garda where it was founded. Nina is the protagonist of the novel, a girl on the threshold of maturity and who is forced to flee with her parents from Bologna to the old family villa right on Lake Garda. Partly inspired by a true story, the novel unfolds on two levels: on the one hand there is war with its ferocity, on the other the ancient Villa full of events that have remained undiscovered over time. Nina, together with her cousins of the same age, who have also fled, ventures into the mysteries of the Villa and of those who have inhabited it over the centuries, thus bringing to light the truth, even if it’s dark, about her family.


🔊L’occhio della farfalla – Racconti d’autore Vittorio FerorelliRadio Emilia-Romagna

Author: Costanza Savini
Publisher: Oligo
Year of publication:
Adults – Historical fiction

Costanza Savini


Sono Costanza Savini S, mi occupo di Scrittura & Bioenergetica.

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